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David Clink

David Clink was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta, though his family, eventually settled in Willowdale, Ontario. David ran his high school Science Fiction Club and co-chaired NASFAcon III, a one-day SF convention in 1982. After high school, David attended many institutions, eventually earning a bachelor's degree in English.

Since graduation, David's kept busy by: attending three Worldcons, wrestling an octopus, playing softball, building cheeze-doodle sculptures, playing street hockey, taking a bartending course, starting his own press (believe your own press), and writing a heck of a lot of great poems.

His first chapbook, His name was Gord, and he used to run with the bulls, was published by Junction Books in May, 2001. The follow up is The Surley Blondes of Earth, which was released in March, 2002. In fall 2002, a collection of nature poems, Come on from the Horse on Seventh Avenue, was published.

David was the 2002 Poetry Guest of Honor at EerieCon.