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About Us

Buffalo Fantasy League

Buffalo Fantasy League was founded in 1949, dedicated to the celebration and enjoyment of all literature, audio/visual media and memorabilia in the fields of Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy. For membership information write to us at the following address:

Buffalo Fantasy League
PO Box 412
Amherst Branch
Buffalo, NY 14226

or e-mail us at

Who’s Who
Dennis Blake
Video Room &

David Ennis

Joe Fillinger
Guest Liaison &

Terry Ganley
Art Show

W. Paul Ganley
Program Book Advisor

Scott Gawrys
Con Suite

Andrea Hedgecock
Art Show Assistant

Mary Hewitt
Hotel Liaison &

Heather Kalisiak
Dealer Room &
Program Book

Amy Kauderer
Con Suite &
Ass’t Hotel Liaison

Jill Lapham

Debby MacDougall
Con Suite Czarina

Jeanne Miller

Asa Swain

Security and Art Auction
by the Dorsai Irregulars, Ltd.