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David Clink

David Clink's poem, "A sea monster tells his story" won the 2013 Aurora Award for Best Poem/Song. David's poem, "A City of Buried Rivers" finished second for the 2014 Aurora Award for Best Poem/Song and was a 2014 Rhysling Award Nominee. David was also a finalist for the Aurora Award in the Best Short-Form Work in English, 2007, for his poem, "Falling". David finished second in the Asimov's Readers' Awards - Poetry Category, 2007, for his poem, "Copyright Notice 2525." "A conversation between a time traveler and his apprentice" placed third in the 2014 Dwarf Stars competition. His poetry has appeared in Analog five times, Asimov's three times, On Spec twice, and has appeared in the following SF anthologies: Tesseracts 18 and 16 and 14; The Rhysling Award anthology 2014, 2013, 2010, 2008, 2002, 2001; Imaginarium 2013 and 2012; Dwarf Stars 2013. He has two collections published by Tightrope Books: Eating Fruit Out of Season (2008) and Monster (2010). He edited an anthology of environmental poetry called: A Verdant Green (The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, 2010). His third collection, Crouching Yak, Hidden Emu, was published by The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box in October 2012. In November 2014 Piquant Press launched Davidís speculative poetry chapbook: If the World were to Stop Spinning.

David was the 2002 Poetry Guest of Honor at EerieCon.