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Craig Engler

Craig Engler is currently a writer/producer on Syfy's zombie series Z Nation, having written two of the first 13 episodes. He also wrote two movies that aired on Syfy, Zombie Apocalypse and Rage of the Yeti. Before that, he was Executive Producer for all of Syfy's online content, winning a Hugo Award in 2005 for Best Web Site (with Ellen Datlow). In 1995, he founded the webzine Science Fiction Weekly which was a feature on until merging with Sci Fi Wire (now Blastr) in 2009. His current projects include a website for geeks who want to lose weight,, and Lovecraft: The Blasphemously Large First Issue, a 64-page limited edition comic that recasts H.P. Lovecraft as a modern-day, kick-ass action hero and alchemist.

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