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Derwin Mak

Derwin Mak is a writer of quirky science fiction and fantasy stories in Toronto. His story "The Siren Stone" was a finalist for a 2004 Prix Aurora Award, Canada's science fiction award. Its sequel, "Transubstantiation", won the 2006 Prix Aurora Award for Best Short-Form Work in English. His first dark fantasy story, "Seventy-two Virgins", was published in the anthology Thou Shalt Not, from Dark Cloud Press of Monroeville, Pennsylvania, in September 2006. His novel The Moon Under Her Feet was published by Windstorm Creative of Port Orchard, Washington, in 2007. In addition to writing fiction, Derwin also wrote articles about anime and East Asian pop culture for Parsec magazine and RicePaper magazine.

His stories are known for their intriguing characters, who include: tiny insect-like aliens ("The Snow Aliens"), an unlucky Titanic survivor ("Luck of the Irish"), an incompetent suicide bomber ("Seventy-two Virgins"), the ghost of a University of Oregon cheerleader ("The Siren Stone"), ballet dancers in a love triangle ("All Dancers Go to Heaven"), a Roman Catholic priest-engineer who quotes Martin Luther (The Moon Under Her Feet), a Chinese-American Hooters Girl ("It Came to Eat Our Chicken Wings"), and a teenaged girl in a Catholic schoolgirl uniform who thinks she's Jesus ("Transubstantiation"). Curiously, "Transubstantiation" has become popular reading among young Jesuits in training at a Jesuit residence in Toronto.

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