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EerieCon Promotional Material

Limited Edition Chapbooks

Buffalo Fantasy League, in partnership with W. Paul Ganley: Publisher, has published limited edition chapbooks in connection with EerieCon. They feature either original or out-of-print short stories by EerieCon's Guests of Honor. The first editions of each chapbook are numbered, limited to 150 copies, of which 20 to 30 have been reserved for binding in hard covers, and signed by each of the authors.

The list of chapbooks includes:

EerieCon Chapbook #1

Jack McDevitt
"Gravity Isn't Working on Rainbow Bridge"

EerieCon Chapbook #2

Lynn Flewelling
"Folks From Away"

EerieCon Chapbook #3

Anne Bishop
Brian Lumley
"The Lecture"
Larry Niven

EerieCon Chapbook #4

Steven Brust
"Klava With Honey: A Prologue"
Julie E. Czerneda
"What Sleeps in the Shadows"
Allen M. Steele
"An Incident at the Luncheon of the Boating Party"

EerieCon Chapbook #5

Esther M. Friesner
"The Fairies' Midwife"
Tanya Huff
"Tuesday Evenings, Six-Thirty to Seven"
Robert J. Sawyer
"The Eagle Has Landed"
Harry Turtledove
"Black Tulip"

EerieCon Chapbook #6

Steven Brust
"Chapter One"
James Alan Gardner
"All in the Timing"
Nancy Kress
"Product Development"
Josepha Sherman
"Sword Play"

EerieCon Chapbook #7

Joe Haldeman
"The Naked Truth"
Sephera Giron
"Lying Eyes"
Edo Van Belkom
"The Plagiarist Thief"

EerieCon Chapbook #8

John Allen Price
"Here's to You, Joe DiMaggio"
Vernor Vinge
"A Dry Martini"

EerieCon Chapbook #9

Kevin J. Anderson &
Rebecca Moesta

Jennifer Crow
"The Maid of Orion's Colony"
Robert J. Sawyer
"The Abdication of Pope Mary"

EerieCon Chapbook #10

Larry Niven
"Doubling Rate"
Derwin Mak

EerieCon Chapbook #11

Marion Zimmer Bradley
"Adventure in Charin"

Two "Lost" Tales From the BFL Archives

EerieCon Chapbook #12

Catherine Asaro
"Carnelians" Excerpt
Lois Gresh
"Lust of the Giant Sloth"
Carolyn Clink
"Science Fiction is My Life"
David Clink
"Bigfoot Romance"

EerieCon Chapbook #13

Jack McDevitt
"The Jersey Rifle"
Carl Frederick
"Prayer for a Dead Paramecium"
"The Lycanthropic Principle"

EerieCon Chapbook #14

Mark Leslie
"Pizza Man"
David B. Coe
"The Witch of Dedham"

If you are interested in purchasing one or more of these chapbooks, the list of available titles can be found at the website for W. Paul Ganley: Publisher.

Program Book Ad Rates

Quarter Page
[2.1"H x 3.4"V]
Half Page
[4.4"H x 3.4"V] OR [2.1"H x 7"V]
Full Page
[4.4"H x 7"V]

(Please inquire about rates for cover ads.)

All ads must be Black and White, camera ready, and should be sent to our Post Office Box, with a check payable to the BUFFALO FANTASY LEAGUE.

Ads must be received on or before September 1, 2015.